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The Need to Teach Gender Equality among Children

Gender equality issues are everywhere. When a boy decides to train under the Golden Dance & Cheer Academy, his parents will convince him to do something else that is manlier. Some of the parents’ actions towards their children raised a citizenry with a belief on hyper-masculinity in men and an overly emphasized femininity in women.

The society we live in is partly to be blamed on the development of such detrimental concepts on gender among the younger generations. Considering that a child will have a basic idea of his or her gender at age two to three, the parents can be a good influence on the development of such identity. Here are some of the things a parent can do to help his or her child develop a good idea on what gender is.

Develop in kids a good sense of what sexist advertising is. The message in marketing is subtle that a person cannot notice that he or she is already influenced. Advertisement directed to kids are designed to be so fascinating for them. Children are made to believe on the importance of the toys advertised to them. The goodies in candy shops are colored in a way to attract children and are placed on reachable containers for the kids to get. The magazines for kids have content that promote negative feelings in kids about the expectations on their gender. Children are made to believe by some advertisements that there are girls toys and boys toys. There is this belief learned by kids from the advertisements that a boy’s options for toys are army figurines, Legos, and trucks; a girl’s options are: dolls, make-up, and baking toys. Your kids ought to know that it is ok for them to play with any toy they want, and not follow what the advertisements try to convince them to do.

You have to do equal parenting. The husband can help in doing the household chores and the wife can do the driving. By demonstrating that to them, the children understand that gender stereotypes are not helpful at all but are limiting to a person. You have to make sure that the two of you parents help in the care of your children.

As a parent, steer your kids away from gender stereotyping. Be careful in addressing a gender stereotype that your child seems to believe in. Going back to the Golden Dance & Cheer Academy illustration, suppose your kid says that he cannot join it because only girls can be there, you as a parent can present to him male dances who can be a good example for him.